Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Real-Time System Performance Monitoring

Your arrays will be continuously monitored in our control room. Same day analysis and communication of any abnormality saves time and money. We minimize downtime and maximize production.

Inspection & Preventive Maintenance

Annual inspection and the subsequent report is a requisite provided by our team.

Our preventive maintenance from electrical inspections to mowing and module cleaning will also

minimize downtime and maximize production.

Performance Optimization

Because we are actively designing and constructing arrays we are constantly testing technology and engineering solutions for optimizing performance. Our goal is not to meet projections but develop optimization criteria to surpass expectations.

Strategic Partner Coordination

Allows us to interface with each strategic vendor, liability insurance carriers, financing, and capitalization partners,

and equipment manufacturers to ensure that each process is streamlined by our team.

Information and Financial Reporting

We deliver monthly, quarterly and annual reports showing actual versus projected production.

Owners, financiers and partners can receive cumulative financial information direct from our

in-house accounting team. Access to your data and our technicians is always available.