The History

In 1983 Mr. Beldock and Bullrock Corporation began working in New York City’s fabled rental conversion business. Joining forces with infamous and storied New York real estate families and investment banks, Bullrock participated in the successful conversion of thousands of rental apartment units.

Thereafter, Bullrock and Mr. Beldock turned their energies towards the historic rehabilitation business and the redevelopment of the oldest neighborhoods in the New York area. The once dilapidated neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Weehawken, Hoboken and Harlem were gentrified in the early 80’s and Bullrock Corporation played an integral part in making that happen.

Bullrock continued to grow branching out into commercial renovation and franchise development. Customers and clients included prominent New York law firms, Fortune 500 companies, established national franchisors and franchisees and health care operators. Partners and investors included private investors and Real Estate Investment Trusts from across the United States and Canada.

In the early 90’s Bullrock turned its attention towards the Northern New England area, where it built, owned and operated a number of successful businesses. Those businesses included a chain of Jiffy Lube franchises, which were among the most profitable in the country. In addition, Bullrock entered the senior living arena, initiating its’ senior living portfolio with the development of Shelburne Bay Senior Living Community. Originally building, managing and owning independent living communities Bullrock was amongst the first in the country to incorporate independent living, assisted living and memory care within the same campus. Bullrock grew their development and management of the senior living portfolio into the nationally recognized The Lodges Senior Living Communities Living.  Bullrock successfully owned and operated these communities until 2014 when Lodges Senior Living Portfolio was sold to LCB Senior Living of Norwood, MA.

Although Bullrock continues to service and consult in the construction management, franchise, and senior spaces, Bullrock Renewables was created to entitle, develop, construct, and maintain renewables projects throughout the USA. Over the last five years the company has achieved unmitigated levels of success establishing a portfolio for the company and for numerous investors and partners. Bullrock has already been responsible for building over 150 megawatts of solar energy bringing electricity to countless homes and communities. Currently, Bullrock Renewables has plans to expand into new markets, increase installations and begin the process of developing new projects and new relationships with partners and investors for future growth.